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My Husband and I have tried many different types of dog trainers from other “Big Store” training programs and by far Kat with Romping Dogs is the best! We have a German Shepard who was very nervous and Kat took the time to allow her to come check out the classroom on her own to make sure she would be more comfortable when the time came to learn. I have also taken my Lab, Stella who can be slightly reactive and Kat has always made sure that all dogs and even myself are working smart to make the learning process always positive. Not only have I learned A LOT from Kat about training, but I have developed a better understanding of my dogs, their different personalities and what I can do to help my dogs be the best they can be. I have taken my dogs to about four classes and look forward to participating in more!

Nicole C & Ellie & Stella
Monrovia, Ca.

I would like to say that Kat is very good trainer. I met Kat at a group class and Kat came to me and helped me out with some questions. She was so kind to us and helped us out, never did she not help me out. If it was not for her kindness I would have dropped the class.

She has come to my aid again with training for Service dog. Kat was so good with this on the first day. In 30 min. she had my dog doing things that I could not have done. Scooter just loves her. She is so kind with my dog. It is like she can read the dogs mind. She is a very kind person and goes beyond the call of duty. I trust Kat with my little girl with all my heart! She also knows what she is talking about and doing with the dogs. We have gone on to get our CGC, and Advanced Novice. Thank you for all your hard work with Scooter and I.. Scooter has gained experience from being trained by Kat.

Michele S & Scooter, CGC
Monrovia, Ca.

My son and I took our puppies, Ophelia and Lebowski, to the Puppy Class at Romping Dogs for the first time today. Kat is a WONDERFUL trainer and very patient with all of her charges. She is excellent at working with dogs at their level, AND at the owner’s level, and she recognizes that humans and dogs have different perceptions of their world and sometimes need help communicating effectively with each other. Also, dogs are like humans in that no 2 dogs will necessarily learn the exact same way. Kat has oodles of techniques at her disposal for helping dog and human achieve the desired results! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Really. I’m a dog idiot, and she’s seriously helping me create peace in our little home. Thanks for your Puppy Class, Kat. We will be back!

Laura S & Lebowski
South Pasadena, Ca


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