DIY Service Dog Trainers

DIY Service Dog Training

The ADA allows you to train your own Service Dog, but it can be an incredibly daunting task. There’s a reason big Service Dog organizations have teams of volunteers and employees to take a new puppy to a fully working dog. It takes time, it takes planning, and it’s easier to spread the tasks among a lot of different people.

When it’s just you doing everything, it can be overwhelmng. You’ll skip tasks and training. You’ll get by with “good enough.” You’ll question yourself and what you’re doing every day.
And that’s when things are going well. If you hit a fear period or a behavior challenge outside of the scope of regular obedience and socialization, you may thing of giving up, starting again, or just saving up for a fully trained dog. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Honestly.

The DIY Service Dog training isn’t a cookie cutter program that assumes that one size fits all. We can tailor training and consultations to your needs. There is not “mandatory,” there is only “suggested.” You go at your pace with what you need. This is the a la carte service. You get to pick and choose what will help and where it’s best to put your money.

We will ask for proof that your need is covered through the ADA. We will not train, consult, or help anyone train a dog with the intent of “faking” it as a Service Dog or using the ADA as an excuse to take a dog everywhere.
There are no exceptions.

DIY Service Dog Services

Phone / Skype consults for training planning, goal setting, and how to use free and low-cost services effectively. $60/hour
Puppy socialization and exposure. 1/2 hour sessions taking your puppy to locations.
Basic obedience training focusing on the Canine Good Citizen Skills.
Look at the Puppy Package.
Behavior modification and problem consultation and training plan $125/hour
Public access training and testing. $125/hour for training. $60/test.
Skills training and planning. Look at the Family Pack, but hourly or just consultations may work better for you.

This is the second session of teaching a dog to fetch her handler’s walker.