Teach your puppy to be a great lifelong companion.

  • Potty Training.
  • Socialization.
  • Problem Solving.
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The Puppy Package is designed to give you a jump start on house rules, socialization, building obedience, manners, and lifestyle skills.

Puppies are cute and cuddly and full of adventure and exploration. They love to explore environments with their mouths, greet people with an exuberance that can be painful, and they get into stuff; lots and lots of stuff. The main job of a new puppy owner is to introduce their new puppy to their new life. What that life looks like and what the rules are can be very different from family to family. If you travel or go camping or hiking, your puppy should be introduced to those things. If you go kayaking, they should get used to water and things that move under their feet. If you go to soccer games or outdoor cafes or.. whatever, your job is to make sure your new puppy is prepared for all the things that your lifestyle entails.

The Puppy Package is designed to give you a jump start on house rules, socialization, building obedience, and lifestyle skills. We’ll ask a lot of questions, make training plans, and help you start easy and then add difficulty as your puppy succeeds with each skill. We want strong, confident puppies who can handle whatever adventure you decide to take them on.
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Click here to download the free Socialization Checklist [PDF]

What’s Included

5 1/2 hours of personalized in-home training. This includes a 60 minute Introduction session where we cover household schedules and systems for potty training, sleeping, and exercising. We make sure all family members understand, and can follow, the same house rules. This session is followed by nine 30 minute sessions that cover socialization and obedience and lifestyle skills. While we can do 1 hour sessions, we find that puppies can’t concentrate for that long, so 30 minutes works better. 30 minute sessions can be scheduled once or twice a week based on family needs. This packages expires 4 months after purchase.

Price: $515 for 5.5 hours over 10 sessions.

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