Help your dog handle situations appropriately.

  • Fear.
  • Aggression.
  • Anxiety.
Reactive Dog Training

The Reactivity Package is designed to give you the tools to begin helping your dog cope in anxious situations.

The main job of an owner of a reactive dog is to make them feel safe. Training and behavior modification can’t happen unless the brain and body are quiet enough to learn.The second job of an owner of a reactive dog is safety. The dog must be safe, people and dogs on streets must be safe, people in your home must be safe.  Safety includes management, avoiding triggers, and emergency escape plans.

The word “reactivity” is a bit of a misnomer. “Reactive” dogs actually over-react in certain situations. This generally looks like barking and lunging, but it can look like fleeing and hiding, repetitive behaviors, and self harm. If your dog has injured, or attempts to injure themselves, it is important that you seek the input from a licensed Veterinarian.

Only after we can be sure everyone is safe can we begin to work on modifying behavior and untangling negative associations. Modifying behavior to reduce reactivity includes building new skills, instilling coping mechanisms, and changing associations.

The Reactivity Package is designed to give you the tools to begin helping your dog cope in anxious situations. You will also learn how to manage their behavior and the environment so that everyone stays safe. You will learn how to slowly build new and alternative skills to teach your dog what they should do when they feel fear or anxiety. You will learn how to set up patterns of predictability so your dog doesn’t feel the need to act out.

If you are considering this package please schedule a free phone consult to discuss the needs of your dog and your family. Please note that we do not accept Separation Anxiety cases. This condition frequently requires a specialist in SA, as well as creating a team of Veterinarians and caregivers. There is a referral for Separation Anxiety at the bottom of the page.

What’s Included

We start with the $125 Introduction Session, which is a 90 minute session to assess your dog, their needs, and try to dissect triggers. If you choose to continue with the package, this session is followed by eight 1/2 hour sessions where we will work with your dog with specific triggers with controlled setups. We will teach some alternative skills so you can gain some control in uncertain situations. These sessions should be scheduled weekly. This package expires 3 months after purchase.

Price: $515 for 5.5 over 9 sessions.

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Separation Anxiety

We do not take Separation Anxiety cases since we feel this requires a specialist in changing that specific behavior. Here is an organization of Separation Anxiety trainers who can help you:

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