Teach your dog to walk nicely.

  • Stop pulling.
  • Which side to walk on.
  • “Leave It”.
silhouette of a woman walking her dog on uphill pathway

Designed for dogs who have problems walking nicely, such as bouncing, pulling, refusing to move, and biting the leash. This package is designed for the inattentive, the speed demons, the laggers, and the sniffers. The package covers: ~ Attention and focus~ Leave It~ Loose Leash Walking. The difficulty of these skills will increase each week. Keeping up with homework is recommended. While we think socialization is an important experience and skill, this is not a socialization package. Dogs will learn to control themselves around other dogs and strangers while on leash.

Please note, this package is not for Reactive Dogs, or dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs or people while out in public. Please check out the Reactive Dog Package to assist with behavior modification if your dog meets that criteria.

We recommend that as many of the household family joins each session. Everyone will get the opportunity to work with their dog and have the opportunity to ask questions. Having the whole family be consistent with walking rules and behavior cues will decrease your dog’s confusion and frustration.

What’s Included

3 1/2 hours of personalized in-home training. This includes three 60 minute sessions to cover human leash skills, verbal and walking cues, where the dog should walk, and preventing or stopping pulling.
The final 30 minute session is a walking field trip to a nearby dog friendly area to test the skills that have been learned. It is recommended that the sessions are no more than two weeks apart to be sure that skills are consistently improving.
This packages expires 2 months after purchase.

Price: $315 for 3.5 hours over 4 sessions.

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