Teach your dog to be a great family companion.

  • Compliance.
  • Integration.
  • Problem Solving.
woman in white long sleeve shirt holding white long coat small dog

The Family Package is designed to help you formalize house rules and teach manners and lifestyle skills.

Families are complicated. The main job of a dog owner, whether the dog is new or has been in the home for awhile, is to build confidence and comfort with their environment. We’ll work on building skills such as door greetings, “stay”, “leave it”, loose leash walking, along with some problem behaviors such as barking and jumping. The goals it to give the entire family the skills and give your dog polite people manners.

The Family Package is designed to help you formalize house rules and teach lifestyle skills. We’ll ask a lot of questions, make training plans, and help you start off easy then add difficulty as your dog succeeds with each skill. We want strong, confident dogs who can comfortably live in your home. This package is ideal for families welcoming new members We’ll help everyone integrate peacefully.

We recommend that as many of the household family joins each session. Everyone will get the opportunity to work with their dog and have the opportunity to ask questions. Having the whole family be consistent with house rules and behavior cues will decrease your dog’s confusion and frustration.

Please note, this package is not for Reactive Dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs or people coming into the home. Please check out the Reactive Dog Package to assist with behavior modification if your dog meets that criteria.

What’s Included in the Family 5 Pack:

5 1/2 hours of personalized in-home training. This includes a 90 minute Introduction session where we cover household schedules and systems for sleeping, eating and exercising. We’ll set up training goals with priorities lists and we’ll make sure all family members understand and can follow the same house rules. This Introduction session is followed by 4 1-hour long sessions that cover obedience and lifestyle skills based on the family’s training goals and priorities. These sessions can be scheduled weekly or biweekly. This package expires 3 months after purchase.

Price: $485 for 5.5 hours over 5 sessions.

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