Is Private Instruction Right For You?

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Progress is slow.
  • You’re unable to go to a group class.

Private Instruction Packages

Puppy Pack

Puppy Training services from Romping Dogs Dog Training

Puppies have special needs. Let’s work on potty training, sleeping, biting and socialization in a program designed for you.

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Family Pack

Family Dog Training

Whether introducing a new family member or helping an existing dog build lifestyle skills, this package keeps it in the family.

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Behavior Modification

Reactive Dog Training

Do you have a reactive dog that you’re having a hard time working with on your own? We offer Day Training for that.

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Private Instruction Frequently Asked Questions

Who is private training for?

Individuals, families, competitors and groups of friends. Dogs with behavior issues that aren’t appropriate in a group class.

Will you train my dog for me?

Absolutely! Day training services are available for In-Home and In-Public training sessions.

Do you work with seniors?

We love working with both senior dogs and senior owners. Senior dogs may have special needs as their mobility and senses diminish. Senior owners have special needs, either training their dog to assist them in some activities or learning to travel with calmness and ease. We can help with all of these issues.

What are your fees?

We strongly recommend purchasing a package to meet your goals. There are circumstances where single hours would be appropriate, but on the whole, package clients see greater success than those going hour by hour.

  • Assessment: 90 minute to 2 hour session & Initial Training Plan with 30 days phone support: $125
  • Single Hour Session with 30 days phone support: $100
  • Hourly rates for package prices: $90/hour
  • We accept Cash, Check and most major Credit Cards.
  • All fees include email and phone support for 1 month following the last session.

We have discounted rates for 501(c)(3) organizations. Please contact us for more information.

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