Sideline Your Dog For The Super Bowl

Every year after the Super Bowl I get an increasing number of phone calls from people with dogs with a new bite incident. While there is a lot of information about fireworks safety during the summer and food safety around the holidays, Super Bowl parties can be quite scary for dogs.
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Safe Dog Walking

[schema type=”blog” title=”Safe Dog Walking: What to do if a dog is attacking” Written by “Kat Camplin, KPA-CTP” url=”” dateCreated= May 8, 2013 description=”Things you can do with any untrained dog, to try to avoid a dog fight while out on a walk.” city=”South Pasadena” state=”Ca” postalcode=”91030″ country=”US” email=”” phone=”(626) 386-3077″]

The topic of the week on blogs and Facebook groups seems to be what to do when you encounter off-leash dogs while out walking your dog. A friend of mine just went through this a week ago. She was walking her very small poodle mix and came upon a young man sitting on the sidewalk with two pit bulls. There were leashes attached to the two dogs, but it turns out the young man wasn’t holding onto them.

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Rescue Dog “Vocabulary”

I’ve been working with rescue dogs long enough to really wish that they’d come with a vocabulary chart. This hand wave means “down,” this head nod means “ok.” Whether the dog has had formal training or not, they have visual and verbal cues that they’ve come to associate with actions. This can sometimes get in the way of any training you’re planning on doing. Want to teach your dog to target your hand? What happens if the palm out signal means “stay”? Read more Rescue Dog “Vocabulary”