Global Doggy Rules

This weekend at the KPA Dog Trainer Program Workshop, we discussed ways to train dogs to wait at a boundary (in this case a doorway) until released to go through. When asked how I train boundaries I said, “A wait, is a wait, is a wait.” “Wait” does not have any context or environment or dog position rules. A “wait” means, “You stay put until I say it’s ok to move.” It doesn’t matter if it’s in a car, crate, hiking trail, kitchen, bedroom or sitting with a hot dog 6 inches away. A “wait” is a “wait.” It’s a Global Rule.
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The universal usability of “Get It”

I was reminded today how useful “Get It” is as a command when my handy dryer ball bounced off the wall and under the bed as I was doing laundry. Yes, I could have gone to get a flashlight, discovered the batteries were almost dead, find the batteries, replace the batteries, then go back to the bedroom and crawl around on the floor to find the dryer ball. Instead I just pointed under the bed and said “Get It” and two of my dogs went into competition to “Get It” first. That’s so much easier!
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Rescue Dog “Vocabulary”

I’ve been working with rescue dogs long enough to really wish that they’d come with a vocabulary chart. This hand wave means “down,” this head nod means “ok.” Whether the dog has had formal training or not, they have visual and verbal cues that they’ve come to associate with actions. This can sometimes get in the way of any training you’re planning on doing. Want to teach your dog to target your hand? What happens if the palm out signal means “stay”? Read more Rescue Dog “Vocabulary”

Shira does Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs have no idea how much joy and comfort they bring, they just smile, say “hello” and let people pet them. But for the people that are isolated for long periods of time, a visit from a furry friend can be irreplaceable.

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